Creator of No Game No Life…Is Working On Something New!

Will Clockwork Planet Keep Us From Getting A Season 2 Of NGNL?

No Game No Life is an anime that pleased a lot of fans with its intense, over-the-top, and humorous duels of wit set within various types of “games.”  Unfortunately for the audience, it then proceeded to leave them hanging.

Even though it achieved somewhat significant popularity, a second season of No Game No Life seems not to be anywhere in sight.  The good news/bad news, though, is that the creator is in fact working on something.  Something else.

While this is exciting to many, this may cause extra sting to fans of his previous series.  So, what’s all the fuss about?  Read the details below the break!

Yuu Kamiya

His birth name is Thiago Furukawa Lucas. He was born in Brazil and moved to Japan at the age of seven. He’s most known for his illustrations of A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives (written by Takaya Kagami) and of course for creating the light novel, manga and anime of No Game No Life.

Kamiya’s latest work, Clockwork Planet, has both a light novel (co-written by Tsubaki Himana, illustrated by Shino, currently has 4 volumes) and manga (art adapted by Kuro, in Monthly Shounen Sirius magazine since 2013). Clockwork Planet has just been greenlit for an anime adaption, making it Kamiya’s newest anime adapted work.

clockwork planet

The basic synopsis for Clockwork Planet is the Earth died 1,000 years go and was rebuilt with clockwork mechanisms. Naoto Miura is obsessed with machines and he even seems to have a special ability to ‘feel’ gears from far away. One day, a box falls from the sky with a clockwork woman inside. Their fated meeting causes the gears of fate to begin to turn.

There’s no further information on staff, cast, or format thus far.

Source: GoBoiano

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