Crowdfunding Success for Project That’s Helping Young Animators!

Crowdfunded Dormitories for Anime Industry Workers

It’s pretty well known in the Anime community that starting salaries for young animators are, to be frank…terrible.  It’s very difficult to make a living in that field nowadays.

Here’s small example of a few people helping to address that issue – at least in a small way.

In 2014, a Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter helped set up a dormitory that could house two animators at a time, helping them keep living expenses down as they get a start in the industry.  After the success of that campaign, they have started a new crowdfunding campaign this year, with the hope of adding enough resources to be able to support four at a time.

Here are more details:

This project is aimed to set up more dormitory facilities that animators who are new to the industry can use for 30,000JPY per month(including utility expenses). The animators who get to use the [Starting Out Animators’ Dormitory] will also get chances for social exchanges beyond the boundaries of companies, and also receive technical support for illustrations and drawing.

Animation content has gained worldwide popularity, and for Japan, it is also an industry where the contents can be exported without importing any resources since Japan is a country which lacks in natural resources.

Even now, many animation shows are shown on TV and in theaters, and there are also many people who say they love watching Anime. But behind that shiny center stage, the average salary of animators in their 20’s are said to be just around 90,000JPY per month.

The reason why the earnings are so drastically low despite of the hard labor, overtime, holiday shifts at almost every field of work, is because in most cases, animators are hired and paid according to the piece-work system based on the price per each frame an animator draws, and it takes time to become a skillful animator who can draw quicker and cover more frames within the given time, to have a fair amount of earnings per month.

Also, many animation studios are mostly located in Tokyo (※especially in the Suginami and Nerima districts), and the high monthly cost for rent in Tokyo becomes a greater burden for starting out animators who come to Tokyo from other regions in Japan. (So they are in a state where they have to pay high rent in Tokyo to live, despite of their low income)

What we are planning now, is to expand this to a new facility that can house 2~3 people. The location is expected to be in Asagaya, Suginami district. We will rent a 3LDK room and modify it to use as a dormitory.

By opening a dormitory with low rent rates, we are able to set up an environment where animators who are starting out in the industry can concentrate on their work without worrying about their everyday living, and also have a place to support them gain new know-how and acquire techniques required at their field of work in order to quickly earn more at their jobs.

We have opened the 1st dormitory of the [Starting Out Animators’ Dormitory] on March, 2014. Currently, we are providing residential support to 2 starting out animators. With the current project, we are aiming to expand the facility to 2 times the current scale.

We think that it would be nice to have an environment where many active animators and applicants who want to be a part of the anime production, can have a more direct contact and exchanges with each other.

Source: The Kickstarter Campaign.  If you like, check it out for more details!

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