Exciting New Pokémon Evolutions and Forms!

Silvally Could be a Game-Changer

With the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon impending, the Official Pokémon Channel has released another video with new tantalizing information for us all to enjoy.  This info includes a bunch of new evolutions, a couple new Alolan forms, and even two new human characters.  No story spoilers as of yet, but if you’re trying to avoid new info until you play the game, then don’t read on!  (Though we don’t really understand why you would have clicked to read the article if that were the case.)

Grimer and Muk’s Alolan forms look even more disgusting than the originals, in our humble opinion.  (Which may be a good thing, since that’s sort of in their nature.)  The new design is reminiscent of oil spills in the ocean.

This video also reveals a couple of new trainers/characters.  One of the trainers, Olivia, is CLEARLY going to be one of DeviantArt’s favorites – Though she might not be the only new art darling.  Two of the Pokémon featured here – Steenee and Tsareena have the kind of Pokémon femininity that attracts a lot of fans.

What is probably the most unique addition in terms of gameplay, however, is Silvally.  It evolves from Type:Null and by having it hold an item before battle, you can have it take on ANY type you want!  Switch types between battles for strategic affect!  It may be an especially good thing that we’re switching to “trials” instead of typical gym battles, because Silvally seems like a Pokémon that you could use to singlehandedly wreck every traditional-style gym.

Watch the trailer below!

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