Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and the Master Ball in Pokemon Go

Catching Tougher Pokemon

Anyone who has started up the Pokemon Go App (and managed to log in) has received a few normal Pokeballs with which to catch Pokemon.  However, the game doesn’t include a feature to let you battle wild Pokemon, and some of them are too strong to realistically catch with a Pokeball.  What’s a Pokemon trainer to do?

Well, there are a few options.  You can use a Razz Berry, but that might not be enough.  Fortunately, the game also includes stronger types of Pokeballs known as Great Balls and Ultra Balls.

If you’re playing and you haven’t seen a Great Ball yet…it’s because you haven’t leveled up enough.  You get your first 20 Great Balls upon reaching level 12, and from then on, you have a chance of receiving Great Balls at PokeStops.  Similarly, you need to reach level 20 in order to start getting Ultra Balls.

So that’s pretty simple, in the end, but does the legendary Master Ball exist in the Pokemon Go world?  According to, the answer is yes.  Apparently, a recent data mine into Pokemon Go revealed an image for the Master Ball, but as for when or if it will be implemented or discovered in game, we’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading, and good luck catching them all!

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