How Do You Fit This Pillow On Your Bed? 23-Foot Lamia-Inspired Body Pillow.

Let Miia Wrap All Around You With Absurdly Long Pillow Cover

What could possibly merit a 23-foot long pillow?  Why, Miia the snake-girl (or more properly, “Lamia”) from the hit show/manga Monster Musume, of course.

This is a real product that was actually sold (for a limited time only) at a real store.  I just had to let that sink in.

I’d put a Not Safe For Work warning here, but you’re reading an article about Monster Musume.  If you know anything about the show, you know it’s NSFW.

It’s certainly a daring new concept, and I’m glad someone had the gumption to make it real.  I just love it when crazy stuff like this happens.

Check it out below the break!

The official website for the Monster Musume anime series announced that the show’s star Lamia could go home with you in the form of a seven meter (23-foot) long hugging pillow. For reference, the average king size bed about 6.5 feet long. You’re going to need a bigger bed.

The cover is priced at 100,000 yen (about US$805). Since it’s just a cover, it poses another unique problem: how do you stuff it? The average body pillow is around 4.5 feet, so any Miia fans are going to need about five body pillows to fill it.

Source: Anime News Network

Follow the link to find info on even more Monster Musume products that were sold at the same location!

One one bonus picture for everyone: someone actually trying to simulate how to use the pillow properly.  I think he’s doing a pretty good job.


I hope you enjoyed that, and thanks for reading!


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