Kickstarter Success of Otaku No Video, Animeigo’s Newest Campaign

New News About An Old Documentary

Well, “Mockumentary,” perhaps.  Otaku no Video is an anime series published in 1991, as well as being –

A singular, funny, and ultimately moving look at the world of Japanese media-addicts, and the life of many whom the Japanese slang term for “home”, or “those people” has mutated into something of a globally misunderstood moniker over the last few decades. A one of a kind two-part series that in no way could be produced in today’s panicked media climate.

Source: VCinemaShow

Anyways, it’s over 20 years old now, so here’s the new news – Animeigo was running a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter to support a new release of the show…and it was a wild success.

This show, which was also an alternate history of Studio Gainax, was quite widely known back in the day, both in Eastern and Western audiences.

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Animeigo’s ambitious Blu-ray Kickstarter had ended to incredible success. The final numbers absolutely crushed the proposed $40,000 goal with a whopping $102,869, the upcoming release plans will likely live up to and beyond initial promise. And now that the initial crowdfunding leg of this particular tour is at an end, Paypal will be open to those late to the party.

The recent Japanese release contains not only a lovely transfer, but also an all-new commentary track featuring Shoji Murahama, Kikuko Inoue, Hiroyuki Yamaga, & Yuki Sato. The Animeigo release also promises an english commentary track by none other than Gilles Poitras!


Head on over to their site to read the full story!

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