LadyBeard Spotlight Post: 8 Interesting Facts About The Kawaii Metal Hero We All Deserve

8 Things You May Not Know About LadyBaby’s Lead Singer

LadyBeard, the most Kawaii male metal vocalist around, has been making the rounds on social media recently for some of his more famous adventures – such as going to Comiket dressed as Chun Li, or being the lead vocalist in the band LadyBaby – but there are PLENTY of interesting things about this new social media star…much of which may get skipped over from time to time.

This is by no means a comprehensive list – merely an appetizer – and those who find themselves to be his fans are invited to search around and find out more.

However, today’s post should serve up some interesting facts for both the fans and for the merely curious.  Have a look below!


Item #1: He can do the splits.

ladybeard splits

Enough said.

Item #2: He did a collaboration with “Sailor Suit Old Man.”

ladybeard and old man sailor

Just follow this link for a crazy number of other pictures.

Item #3: He has a Facebook page with over 67,000 likes, as of September 8th.  (And growing fast.)

He himself told us a number of other interesting things about himself at his VAX 2015 stage performance.  Read below the break to find out!

Item #4: When I was 14 years old, one day my friend had a school uniform party… I said, “It’ll be really, really funny if I go wearing my big sister’s school dress.” It was this super fun night and everyone had a really great time. This was where my cross-dressing career began.

Item #5: I currently wrestle for a company called Union Pro Wrestling, which is part of the Dramatic Dream Team Pro Wrestling group. I also wrestle for Makai Pro Wrestling. Makai is the greatest thing you’ve ever seen in your life. It is a new company, which is like a crossover of pro-wrestling, and theatre, and “live” music and “live” dance… It’s this story set in the Japanese hell realm where samurai fights demons, it’s amazing.

Item #6: What happened was, I started wrestling, then I wanted to do my kawaiicore (music genre) show. At that time I was in Hong Kong. My favourite music ever is a combination of pop music and heavy metal. Particularly, I like heavy metal covers of pop songs. In Hong Kong, I started learning Cantonese, and I started listening to Cantopop. I heard all these catchy pop songs, and I wanted to hear metal covers of them, and no one had done them. So I said, I found my mission. From wanting to do that, when the show started it was a really metal show and it just evolved into an idol show.

Item #7: I’m very, very lucky because my family is super supportive. They’ve supported me in everything I’ve ever done. I really am so lucky to have an awesome mom and dad. But that’s my mom and dad, my big brother and big sister just hate everything I ever did. So mom and dad? Awesome. Siblings? Nah.

Item #8: [What brings me up when I am really down are] kawaiiness and metal. The two most powerful forces in the world. Should somehow those things not work: beards. Kawaiiness, metal, and BEARDS!

Source: The Malay Mail Online

Follow the link to find more interesting facts!

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