New Forms for Existing Pokémon (“Alola Forms”) In Pokémon Sun and Moon

Ice Type Vulpix and More in the New Pokémon Location “Alola”

On August First, The Pokémon Company’s official YouTube channel released a new trailer for the upcoming games set in the Alola region – and boy does it UNLOAD when it comes to new information.  It looks like they’ll be changing up quite a bit of the formula this time around.

Warning – there is A LOT of information in this trailer, so you may not want to keep reading or watching if you already plan on buying the game, and want to be as surprised as possible.  That being said, this is an official trailer, not a “leak,” and in this writer’s personal opinion, it shows off a lot of reasons to get into this new generation of Pokémon.

There are new Pokémon, new forms of existing Pokémon (which change up their “type” balance), and even new types of challenges that break away from the standard “Gym” format.

The islands feature all sorts of strange new things, such as four dancing bird Pokémon each with their own style…

And we finally have a Pokémon that is both a “Rock” type AND a “Flying” type.  I’ve gotta catch that one.

And perhaps the most flashy addition to the series, there’s now a new way to attack… “Z-Power”  Unleash a Z-move once per battle.  Just watch the trailer to see how overwhelming those things look.  Start up the video below to check it out!


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