Niantic Releases New Info About Upcoming Pokémon Go Updates

San Diego Comic-Con Panel Provided Plenty of Information

Niantic took some time to connect with fans in a recent special panel in Comic-Con, where they teased fans with exciting new features for the future.

You may think that you have a general idea of what Pokémon Go is like at the moment, but Niantic says that the game is going to change A LOT as time goes on.

Here is an excerpt from Nintendo Life’s article on the subject:

Niantic CEO John Hanke claimed that only around 10 percent of the studio’s ideas for the game are in the present version. Coming in the near future are elements such as improved training, enhanced Pokéstops, PokéCenters for healing your monsters and changes which will make it harder to poach gyms from rival teams.

Also exciting – they’re trying to implement more augmented reality, and there are even hints at more/better tracking systems to find and catch Pokémon!  Here are a few interesting parts from an article by AskToAndroid that goes in detail on the subject:

There will be better tracking tools : Business Insider believes that the original trailer for the game wasn’t lying: we will actually see a complex navigation system complete with directions superimposed on the world. That’s kind of really cool and science-fictiony, and I hope this actually happens.

Trainer battles! So far you can only battle your Pokémon with gyms, but it has also been confirmed that the game will let you battle Pokémon with your friends. Here’s to hoping it has some kind of voice recognition support, so it can automatically detect when you say “Pikachu, I choose you!”

More augmented reality : Hanke said that the game’s current implementation of augmented reality is a “great first step”. There’s clearly more in the pipeline. Could trainer battles be AR? Perhaps you could even see your captured Pokémon chilling out in your house, or walking with you outdoors?

City-wide events and raids : There will be special events, taking place across entire cities and having timers. You’ll have to organise a group of buddies and Pokémon GO players to take down whatever objective the game assigns you, not unlike an MMO like World of WarCraft.

Team trainer battles If battling trainers one-on-one is too boring for you, you can battle as a team against others. It’s not confirmed yet whether these are the same teams you join at level 5, or if these are essentially parties you can create on the fly.

Also, they are most certainly working to fix the “three-step glitch,” so don’t worry – if you’re having trouble catching Pokémon now, there will definitely be plenty of time for that later, as the game evolves.

Sources: Nintendo Life and AskToAndroid

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