One-Punch Man Has Begun!

Check Out The Amazing Must-See Visuals!

Have you heard about One Punch Man?  If not, you haven’t been keeping up with anime.  Possibly the flashiest and most visually impressive show of the current anime season, One-Punch Man is currently on its sixth episode, as of the time of writing this post.

One-Punch Man is a parody series, whose style of humor has caught on with a large crowd.  The main character, Saitama, is your typical overpowered main character – in fact, his biggest problem is that he’s TOO overpowered.  For some reason, he’s become so powerful that he can no longer find fights that challenge him.

What started out as a webcomic (and then became a rebooted webcomic) has become a full-fledged anime.  The original comic version was known for its visually impressive panel sequences and over-the-top style, and this had translated very well into the animation of the series.

Just look at this trailer for an indication of the quality animation that is being used to bring One Punch Man to life.  Clearly, they have the budget.

Also, the first thirty seconds of this next one contain a lot of cool visuals.

There are plenty of viewing options if you’re interested.  You can even watch the series for free on Hulu! (Does not require a subscription to Hulu.)

The anime comes highly recommended, so go ahead and check it out already!  Here, I’ll just post the link to the first episode on Hulu for your convenience.



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