Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice Has Launched

Nintendo Releases a Launch Trailer For Those Still On The Edge (Or Just Curious)

Warning: For those of you who want to walk into this game completely blind, you probably shouldn’t watch the trailer or read this blog post.  Though the game is out, this post will not discuss anything not found in the trailer.  With that said, let’s get started!

It looks like Phoenix Wright and crew are going to have to face off against whole new kinds of crazy, as we witness the new prosecutor threatening to throw his opponent into the Twilight Realm!  (To be honest, this reminded us of Yu-Gi-Oh and the constant threat of being banished to the shadow realm.)

Promos for this game have long advertised that it will have a dual nature, happening on two different continents, but the new trailer suggests that the two plot lines will dovetail together at the end.

And the ending leaves fans wondering if Pheonix Wright might test his apprentice, Apollo Justice…by taking the role of the prosecution.  Watch below!

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