Real Life America Vs. Japan Giant Robot Duel Coming 2016

The Days Science-Fiction Has Dreamed About Are Here

As some of you may already know, Sudiobashi Heavy Industries has created a giant battle-ready robot named “Kuratas.”  U.S.-based robotics company MegaBots inc. has also built a giant battle robot.

The robots are scheduled to “duel to the death,” but we at Anime Command Center actually hope that not TOO much damage is done to the robots.  We like them, after all.

All of this information is real and can be confirmed by a simple visit to their YouTube channels.  The relevant videos are contained in the article below the break.

Read the details below!

JAPAN (SND) — U.S.-based robotics company MegaBots inc. wants to turn giant robot fighting into a sport. According to the company: “MegaBots are 15-foot-tall, internally piloted humanoid robots that fire cannonball-sized paintballs at each other at speeds of over 120 miles per hour.” One week ago, MegaBots unveiled their first completed battlebot, but noted a Japanese company had beat them to it. That’s when they challenged Sudiobashi Heavy Industries robot “Kuratas” to a duel.

“Suidobashi, you have a giant robot, we have a giant robot,” said co-founder Matt Oehrlein. “You know what needs to happen. We challenge you to a duel. In one year, we fight.” Today, Suidobashi, speaking “on behalf of Japan”, accepted the challenge.

“Megabots, thank you for issuing the video.” Said the video’s description. “On behalf of Japan, we accept your challenge. But on one condition: That melee combat be a part of the fight. Organize the duel, Megabots, and we’ll be there to battle it out. This duel stands to go down in history as the world’s first giant robot battle. Let’s make sure it’s something for the historians to write about.”

In case you missed it, you can watch the original MegaBots challenge below.

Source: Social News Daily

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