Waifu Worship Reaches The Next Level

Adoration of 2D Characters Has Reached Its Logical Extreme

So, it finally happened.  There is a public place where people can adore and “worship” their favorite anime characters.  In this case, the cast of the series “Love Live.”  A Japanese arcade has floor pads so fans can kneel before and leave offerings to their anime crushes (symbolized by giant posters).

That’s a pretty limited selection (since we only know of one location, doing this for one anime series), but which Waifu will you be able to worship next?  I have a few ideas I’d love to vote for, but I don’t think I’d be able to bring myself to bow in public and make an offering that’s probably going to be given to the arcade workers in the end.  How about you?

And if this is the next stage of Waifu adoration, what in the world is going to come next?  Is this as far as it can go, or is there something even crazier in the future?

Read all about this crazy development after the break!

Twitter user @S1Amk recently stopped by [an] arcade, where he came across a whole wall of Love Live! posters, featuring the anime’s cast wearing their costumes from this summer’s Love Live! The School Idol Movie theatrical feature. Given the franchise’s current popularity, the posters themselves aren’t such a shocking marketing blitz, but what was directly underneath them was a little more surprising.

Spread out in front of the nine core Love Live! girls were a series of floor mats for those who felt the need to prostrate themselves in reverence. And just to make sure people knew exactly what the mats were for, diagrams were placed in front of them, emblazoned with text such as “My Goddess!”

Waifu Worship 2

When @S1Amk happened by, there was even a fan making use of the mats as he humbly offered a cake to Minami Kotori, his anime deity of choice.

That’s actually even more unusual than it looks, since there’s not really a custom of leaving offerings in front of posters of flesh-and-blood idols. Nonetheless, Love Live!fans are apparently a pious bunch, because when @S1Amk checked back later, he found a neatly lined-up row of candies and cookies, with one box for each animated songstress.

Source: http://en.rocketnews24.com/

Find even more information about this new development at the original article.

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