All about Fandom Bags – The Success of “Painful Bags”

Why Would You Ever Want a Painful Bag?

Have you ever used pins on your gear, backpack, or whatever – to show off your fandom of something?  We all know some people take that to a more extreme extent then others, but how much do you know of “ita-bags?”  (Meaning roughly “painful bags.)

It’s perhaps more popular among female geeks, due to fashion and culture causing men to not carry around so many bags and purses, generally speaking.  However, if you’ve gone to enough conventions, you’ve certainly seen all sorts of fans carrying them around – regardless of gender.

It’s a neat way to show off your fandom, and the bags are an unobtrusive way of attracting attention, showing off things you love, and can even be a great conversation starter!

I’ve got a few anime pins I’ve collected, but nothing like the pictures below.  Read on to see more!

In Japanese, they’re called “ita-bag” (痛バッグ) or, rather, “painful bag.” And for the country’s female geeks, they’re one surefire way to express their fandom.

Latest Trend for Female Geeks? "Painful" Anime Bags. 234

[Photo: 2ch]

Likewise, these badges and buttons inflict a certain amount of pain on the bag and their owner’s wallet, with some geeky young women spending a large amount of cash to decorate their bags with favorite characters.

The trend isn’t brand-new (it started a while back), and it’s even been portrayed in the anime Shonen Hollywood. However, late last year, it started getting national news coverage in Japan.

Latest Trend for Female Geeks? "Painful" Anime Bags. 

[Photo: fhhopa]

Latest Trend for Female Geeks? "Painful" Anime Bags. 

[Photo: 2ch]

Latest Trend for Female Geeks? "Painful" Anime Bags. 

[Photo: mmmaaaoook]

Latest Trend for Female Geeks? "Painful" Anime Bags. 67

[Photo: xxxykbt_1937]

Latest Trend for Female Geeks? "Painful" Anime Bags. 

[Photo: mikotohawkeye]

Latest Trend for Female Geeks? "Painful" Anime Bags. 910

[Photo: 1O4TVX]

Source: Kotaku

Follow the link to read their full article!

Top photo: shio05


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